Valley Wine Tours

Gourmet lunch in the vineyard.

No hidden fees.

Tour with wine guys...who make wine!


How do you choose a wine tour company that

fits your needs and budget?

Valley Wine Tours is owned by three wine guys - who make and manage wine companies.

Our goal is that by the end of your tour you’ll double your knowledge of growing grapes, making wine and appreciate the nuances of newly-discovered wineries.

And most importantly, our goal is to give our guests a relaxing visit to the wine country.

Here’s what we believe - and offer:

Personal Service: Traveling in a small group fosters great discussions about wine - and allows us to visit the small, family- owned wineries.

Wine Education: Learning from an experienced guide who has years of experience learning from winemakers and farmers - working for wineries, making our own wine.

Food & Wine Pairing Expertise: Experiencing why wine goes with food and food goes with wine. Our handcrafted gourmet lunch (menu above) offers many flavors and tastes.

Winery Selection Based on Your Tastes: You’ll visit wineries handpicked for their outstanding and award- winning wines, beautiful settings and informative staff - experts who are anxious and willing to spend time with you explaining all that is done to produce the fine wines you’re tasting.

One size does not fit all! We adapt the schedule to fit your needs. Our guides observe and listen, often changing the order and selection of wineries based upon your reaction and wine preferences.

We look forward to touring with you soon!

--- Bob, Ed & Ron

Relax & Recharge ... freshly prepared Gourmet Vineyard Lunch

  1. Chef Diane’s Insalata Caprese

  2. Mixed locally-sourced olives

  3. Freshly baked sourdough bagette

  4. China platter filled with turkey, ham & artisan cheeses

  5. Dessert included: Sonoma-baked cheese torte

Lunch is served on china with cloth napkins - placed on linen-draped table.

Ask us about our “No Tasting Fee Policy.”

“Dining around the vineyard, enjoying a hand-crafted lunch enhances the wine experience.”       

                            -- Chef Diane

Eighty percent of other wine tours all go to the same places.  We’ll take you to the wineries that are difficult, if not impossible, to find.

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